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Fly Fishing Guide Joey Hart

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Fly Fishing Guides for Northern New Mexico & Southern Colorado

Fishing is in our blood - Fly fishing is our passion!

Shane Parker-Kast
Shane Parker Kast NM Guide
Shane has been involved with fishing his whole life. When he was 2 weeks old he went out for his first boat ride on his father's (Noah Parker) lobster boat. As soon as he could handle a rod he was fishing for just about anything that swam. At about age ten, he started fishing streams and ponds with a fly rod and hasn't stopped fly fishing since. Shane has fished for trout and bass in New England as well as fishing in Canada for Atlantic salmon on Anticosti Island and the world famous Miramachi River. A six month stay in Ireland enabled him to fish many of the great streams of County Clare. Since moving to Northern New Mexico in 2004, Shane has fished all over the West - in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and, most of all, here in New Mexico. He has been guiding since 2006 on many of the public and private waters in our area. For the last few years in the late fall and winter seasons, Shane has be guiding and fishing for steelhead in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Northern California. Everyone that fishes with him finds they have made a new friend. Shane's natural skill as a fisherman and teacher coupled with his consistent good humor make him a great person to go fishing with.

Jesse Lee
Jesse Lee Fishing Guide
Jesse has always had a love for the outdoors and a passion for sharing it with others. A native of Santa Fe, he grew up hiking, skiing, rafting, rock climbing and fly fishing in the Sangre de Cristo and Jemez Mountains. Jesse has been a fishing guide for over 9 years and, before coming to Land of Enchantment Guides, he was the manager of a local fly shop. Jesse has taught fly fishing classes on everything from entomology to fly casting and fly tying. He is also popular with young anglers and has taught fishing basics to kids at the Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences and the Children's Adventure Company. An avid traveler, Jesse has fished in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, California, Louisiana, Mexico, Belize, and Honduras. Along with fishing for trout here in New Mexico, he is always chasing the most elusive of fish species. Jesse has honed his ability to catch everything from Rio Grande northern pike, Ascension Bay tarpon and East Cape roosterfish on the fly rod. He also loves to tie flies and has hosted fly tying night at Marble Brewery for the past couple of winters (ask to see his fly boxes - you'll be amazed!). When not fishing or guiding, Jesse can be found spending time outside with his wife and family. He is a patient and enthusiastic teacher, who thoroughly enjoys sharing the art of fly fishing with others. Jesse's genuine character and love for people make a fly fishing trip with him one to be remembered for a lifetime.

Jake Clemens
Jake C Fly Fishing Guide
Jake's adoration of the outdoors is apparent the moment you meet him. Depending on the time of year, you can find him fly fishing anywhere from the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge all the way up to the high alpine lakes of New Mexico and southern Colorado. Jake's love of fly fishing began when he was in his youth, fishing irrigation ponds with his dad in La Cienega, New Mexico where he was raised. As he grew older Jake developed an intense passion for travel, which allowed him to fish the rivers of the Sequoia National Park in California, the many tributaries of the Yellowstone in Montana and on down to the Rio Cisnes and Rio Manihuales in southern Patagonia. Jake has mastered all of the best fly fishing styles and techniques used in fishing New Mexico's beautiful rivers and streams. His serious interest in educating and sharing his love of fly fishing with others started in 2006 when he began working as a full time fishing guide. Jake's years of fly fishing and guiding experience have honed his ability to educate and inspire others in mastering the art of fly fishing. After fly fishing, Jake's other favorite pastimes are whitewater rafting and surfing the waves of California, Australia and Indonesia. When the weather gets really cold and the snow has started to fall, you can find him working for the Ski Patrol at the Santa Fe Ski Area. Jake's laid-back but adventurous spirit, kind personality and patient teaching skills are sure to please both novice and experienced fly fishers alike.

Joey Hart
Joey Hart NM Fishing Guide
Joey loves fly fishing. Born and raised in Santa Fe, as a child he was introduced to the fly rod by his uncle, who taught him how to catch and release trout in the small, high altitude streams of New Mexico's mountains. Taking off from theses early childhood beginnings, Joey has fished for trout all over the western United States. Joey has fished the waters of Colorado, Arizona, Utah and California but his heart still lies in the lakes and rivers of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, with his favorite spots being the San Juan and Conejos rivers. Whether fishing for small, high mountain cutthroats or big brown and rainbow trout; Joey enjoys all of it. When not fishing, he is an avid photographer and skier which means Joey spends all four seasons in the mountains. Fly fishing and guiding has enabled him interact with and relate to the environment while sharing his passion for fishing with people met along the way. He has mastered the specific techniques that catch trout throughout our region and is always willing to share these skills with fellow anglers. Joey is a fun person to be with and his overall enthusiasm for fly fishing is contagious - the smile on his face when someone catches a fish says it all!

Aaron Dunkin
Aaron Dunkin
Aaron is a fanatic about anything involving nature and the outdoors. A native son of Santa Fe, he grew up exploring the rivers, lakes and streams of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. At a young age it became apparent that he was an adventurous, outdoors type who much preferred the wildness of the land to the confines of a classroom. Daydreaming of fishing and disappearing into the solitude of the mountains, Aaron admits that he often missed entire classes at school. At an early age, his parents recognized Aaron's love of the outdoors and strongly encouraged him to pursue them to the fullest. Both his father and grandfather were avid anglers and taught Aaron how to fish on the headwaters of the Rio Grande in the southern San Juan mountains of Colorado and on the Pecos River in the mountains east of Santa Fe. At the age of seven his father gave Aaron his first fly rod which started him fly fishing; needless to say he loved it. Since his late teens he has become totally immersed in the art/sport of fly fishing and has fished all over the western United States and in Ecuador and Bolivia. As a steward of the rivers and a fishing guide, Aaron especially enjoys introducing new comers to fly fishing and an "outdoors life style" - not only teaching people how to fish, but the importance of connecting with the water and its surroundings. Aaron can best be described as a laid back guy who enjoys a good laugh and is always willing to go out of his way to make others feel relaxed and comfortable on the water. Whether with a novice or a pro, he is always willing to teach and share his extensive knowledge of the techniques that work the best in our area.

Clay Wallis
Clay Wallis Fishing Guide
Clay Wallis is a 5th generation New Mexican who grew up exploring the mountains and deserts of the Southwest. He first learned the art of fly fishing and fly tying as a youth while in the Boy Scouts. At an early age he acquired a great appreciation for nature and a deep respect for the wild country of our area and its rich history. As Clay grew older, he became an instructor and Assistant Scout Master for his local scout troop - he has a great passion for sharing his experience and knowledge of fly fishing and the outdoors, especially with young people. Clay has spent the better part of his life fishing the streams, rivers, and alpine lakes of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, pursuing the beautiful trout that inhabit these wild areas. While fly fishing is his first love, Clay is also an avid outdoorsman who also enjoys mountain biking, white water rafting, rock climbing, hunting, camping and backpacking. His enthusiasm for fly fishing is infectious and he feels privileged to share his love of the "outdoor life" with others. Interspersed with anecdotes and a dry sense of humor, a day spent fishing with Clay is always enjoyable and easy going. When he's not guiding or fly fishing on his own, Clay works as a firefighter and an EMT with the Santa Fe County fire department.

Wade Lee
Wade Lee NM Guide
Wade is an avid outdoorsman who grew up getting “rad” in the mountains and rivers of Northern New Mexico. At a very early age his parents instilled in him an appreciation for the outdoors that has shaped who he is today. He and his brothers grew up hiking, fishing, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, and camping in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains outside of Santa Fe. Wade studied environmental science at the University of Southern Oregon where he earned his bachelor of science and deepened his love for the outdoors through working as a park ranger at Crater Lake. Having fished from New Zealand and Mexico to Montana, his favorite fish to catch are the native Cutthroat trout that reside in the clear, cold water of the Rocky Mountains. In the winter, Wade can be found ripping up the champagne powder of the southern Rockies and in the summer he is constantly on the water, whether fly fishing or white water rafting. When he is not guiding, he takes kids on adventures at an outdoor adventure camp, where he tries to foster the same sense of stewardship and love for the outdoors in today’s youth that his parents instilled in him. Above all, Wade lives to have fun and that is exactly what you will get if you have him as a guide. His enthusiasm level is always high and his love for fly fishing is both obvious and infectious. He loves being able to share his extensive knowledge and passion with all anglers, from first timers to pros.

Ann Lanzante
Ann L LOE Guides
Ann grew up in Kentucky and Colorado where she got into riding horses, hunting, fishing and camping with her brothers. In these beautiful spaces she developed a sense of great appreciation for the mountains and all the animals and wildlife of the West. After attending university in Texas and spending years living in the "big city" working in the corporate travel industry, Ann relocated to New Mexico in 2004 and has never looked back! Ann loves the outdoors and has a passion for hunting and fishing. When not in the office she can often be found fishing, running around in the woods or practicing with her bow. She has explored many of the back-country roads northern New Mexico and southern Colorado have to offer so she knows our area very well. Ann also enjoys watching sports, especially her son who is an avid high school basketball player. With a background in real estate, hospitality sales and travel, along with her new career as a fly fishing guide in training, managing the Land of Enchantment Guides office is the perfect fit.

Noah Parker
Fly Fishing Guide Noah Parker
Noah started fishing at very early age with his father on many of the classic trout streams in the Catskills and New England. During his youth he often fished with family friends Ernie Schwiebert and Arnold Gingrich, both of whom inspired his love of fly fishing. At about ten years old, Noah also started tying flies and selling them to make extra money. A great influence on his early fly tying endeavors were Harry and Elsie Darby who encouraged and helped him to learn the craft. In his early twenties, Noah's love of the water and all things involving fishing led him to a career as a commercial fisherman. Working off the coast of New England, he ran his own boats fishing for lobster, cod and bluefin tuna (see the picture to the left of Shane & Noah). After over twenty years on the ocean, he has gone back, full time, to his first love of fly fishing and fly-tying. Noah moved with his family to northern New Mexico in 2004, where he has been fishing and guiding ever since.

When guiding, he brings along his lifelong experience in all types of fishing as well as his great enjoyment of fly fishing. First and foremost, he thinks fishing should be relaxing and fun - this is what you will be guaranteed to have on a guided trip with him.
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